CRES focuses on the study and understanding of ecological problems stemming from spatially extensive environmental change. For instance, we currently are involved in research in these areas.

Biocomplexity of Frost-Boil Ecosystems
co-Principal Investigator Howard Epstein, University of Virginia

Biocomplexity Project - Eastern Shore - NSF
National Science Foundation Project Number: BCS-030846

Biomass Exploration Project
An augmentation to Carbon Dynamics of the Global Boreal Forest. NASA Carbon/04-0231-0148

Center for Regional Environmental Studies - FEST
Regional Feedbacks between Fire, Animals and Climate in Southern Africa

Evaluation of Habitat Availability for Large Carnivores
Under a Changing Climate and Disturbance Regime: an Amur Tiger and Amur Leopard Case Study

Excellence in Innovative Coastal and Environmental Science
Commonwealth of Virginia

Growth & Distribution Modeling of Lowland Rainforest Tree Species... Madagascar
Explorer's Club, Washington Group

IDS2: Hydrologic & Nutrient Controls - Southern Africa
NASA Project Number: NNG04GM71G

Inventaire des oiseaux du Parc IVOLOINA, Madagascar
Relation entre les plantes et les oiseaux

Mainstreaming Use of GIS and Remote Sensing
Mainstreaming Use of GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental Assessment and Sustainable Development

Modeling Siberian Boreal Forest Land-Cover Change
with the University of Michigan

Modeling the Carbon Dynamics of the Eurasian Boreal Forest
NASA Carbon/04-0231-0148

Feedback between atmosphere and the terrestrial surface: Southern Africa Fires Atmosphere Research Initiative (SAFARI) 2000

Subcontract from NASA GSFC NASA # NNX-07-A063G
AGU 2008 Poster

Vegetation Community Functioning on the Barrier Islands... Delmarva Peninsula
National Park Service (USDOI) Cooperative Agreement No. 4560C0031

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